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Answers to your questions about employee stock options and how to find the perfect advisor to help you.

Employee Stock Option Tax Advice

From Michael Gray, CPA

Are you looking for better tax advice for your stock options?

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"Thank you for this specific information. No one out there (including my CPA) knows much about this matter. You answer everyone's question--no matter how trivial. You also have up-to-date changes, etc."
--Laura Park, website visitor

Michael Gray, CPA is dedicated to helping people with employee stock options find the answers they need to avoid paying taxes they are not prepared for. His book, Secrets of Tax Planning For Employee Stock Options, 2014 is a comprehensive look at the tax repurcussions of employee stock options. For a limited time, you can buy it at 25% off the retail price at For an overview of the tax repurcussions of employee stock options, consider Michael Gray's new book, Employee Stock Options - Executive Tax Planning, 2012 Edition, available at Both books are also available on

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