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“Tax planning and financial advice that gives our clients peace of mind, effective representation in dealing with the tax authorities, and timely, tender, loving care in preparing their tax returns.”

“Mike… Thank you so much for going through the trouble to find this information for me. If the IRS was right on claiming I owed FICA on the options exercised in 2003, that meant I would have to fess up to all the other 4 or so years that I had exercised options. I deliberately exercised them each year in a way that I could control my income and pay minimum income tax by keeping myself in the lower brackets. If I had known that FICA was to be paid, I would have done them all in the same year to surpass the maximum earnings subject to FICA.

I was going to have to pay approximately $X0,000 of FICA taxes for all of the years of exercising options. You have saved me so much financial hardship that I cannot begin to thank you enough…”

Jeanna Roggenkamp
Newburgh, IN

Choosing a CPA firm for tax planning is a very personal decision, like choosing a doctor or dentist. Over time, the CPA should become a key personal advisor based on a relationship of trust.

At Michael Gray, CPA we actively seek ways to be of service to our clients and to be accessible to them. For example, we provide telephone numbers to reach us directly, rather than using a switchboard. If we are not able to answer the call, we return voice mail messages usually within minutes; almost always within 24 hours. The owner also provides his home telephone number to clients.

We believe tax planning, financial analysis and strategic planning provide more value to clients than compliance services like tax return preparation. Rather than being routine preparers of tax returns and financial statements, we are constantly seeking to share ideas with our clients on how to improve their tax and financial situations.

We see our role as being personal trainers in business and finance, whether guiding clients on how to reduce their future taxes, how to properly document tax deductions, how to account for complex transactions, or how to assemble their tax information to minimize our preparation fees; helping clients design and install computerized accounting systems; or helping formulate, implement and measure results of personal financial or business strategies.

We are conveniently located in San Jose, California, away from downtown gridlock. We have plenty of free parking.

To find out if we are the right CPAs for you, take a look at Our Commitments to Our Clients, and call Michael Gray at 408-918-3161. You can also visit our general tax website, Michael Gray’s blog, and the site for our TV show, Financial Insider Weekly.

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