Will there be any tax implications when I am given stock options?

July 16, 2001

Subject:   Tax implications upon receipt of stock options
Date:   17 Nov 2000
From:   Buddy

I am considering an employment offer from a start-up high tech company. The company is self-funded and has not IPO’ed. Part of the offer is a grant of company stock options, which will be made upon my employment. I do not know if these will be Incentive or Non-qualified (but will find out). There is a 4-year, incremental vesting period for these options. The initial vesting period is 1 year.

My main concern is will there be any tax implications to me when I am given the stock options? I have read somewhere that they may be subject to employment taxes because they are considered compensation. I have also checked with some friends who are financial professionals, however, they have given confusing and conflicting responses.

… I’m hoping for just a ballpark estimate of the outcome. Next year will be a very expensive year for me financially, and I want to make sure I have as few surprises as possible.

Thanks for your help.


Date:   04 Dec 2000

Hello Buddy,

There is generally no tax consequence from being merely granted employee stock options.

Consider buying a book, such as Employee Stock Options, to better understand the issues. For a detailed examination of your situation, you should consult with a tax advisor.

Good luck!

Mike Gray

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