What are the tax consequences of receiving incentive stock options?

August 16, 2000

Date:   Thur, 3 Aug 2000
From:   Fernando


The company I work for is still private. If the company offers ISOs to an employee where the exercise price is below the FMV of the common stock of the company, are there immediate tax consequences to the recipient of these ISOs?

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Date:   Mon, 7 Aug 2000

Hello Fernando,

There is no consequence of receiving the ISOs until they are exercised.

According to the requirements of qualifying as an ISO, the option price may not be less than the fair market value of the stock when it is granted.

People who exercise an ISO for a company whose stock is not publicly traded will still have an alternative minimum tax consequence if the fair market value of the stock received is greater than the option price.

I hope this helps.

Mike Gray

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