I forgot to attach a copy of my 83b election to my tax return – What should I do?

May 10, 2000

Subject:   Early exercise – section 83(b) question
Date:   Mon, 3 Jan 2000
From:   Lars

Just read your incentive stock options report, and have one question: I sent the IRS an election 83(b) letter a few days after I exercised some ISO in late 98. However, I totally forgot to attach a copy to my 98 (the one submitted in 99) tax return. Will this have any consequences – is my election still valid? Is there anything I should do now?




Date:   9 Jan 2000

Hello Lars,

I wouldn’t give up.

Just file Form 1040X (and your state amended form) for 1998 and attach a copy of the election.

I hope you mailed the original certified mail.

Good luck!

Mike Gray

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