Can I file a return with an 83(b) electronically?

October 10, 2014

Subject:   83b question
Date:   19 Mar 2012
From:   Kalpesh

Hi Michael,

I was searching the web for a question regarding 83b and e-filing and came across your website. Thanks for all the great info on the site.

I exercised a stock option for my employer’s stock and filed a Section 83(b) election form. I am preparing to file my income tax returns, but I’m not sure if I can file them electronically, since I need to attach the Section 83(b) election with the tax returns.

What are my options?

Thanks in advance.



Date:   30 Apr 2012

Hello Kalpesh,

My tax return preparation software now allows me to send a PDF file with the tax returns when I e-file.

You might inquire whether you can do the same.

An alternative is to mail Form 1040X with a copy of the Section 83(b) election as an informational copy.

Best wishes,

Mike Gray

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