What happens to my incentive stock options when my company is purchased?

May 10, 2000

Subject:   Company Purchase
Date:   Thu, 6 Jan 2000
From:   Scott

I have an ISO for 10,000 shares of a company that is not traded on the market. My purchase price is set +AEA-+ACQ-10 per share. I am vested but have not exercised.

The company is being purchased by a larger, publicly traded firm. The purchasing firm is traded +AEA-+ACQ-60 per share.

I have been told that the purchasing firm is to pay +ACQ-20 per share for my company stock.

My questions is: How does this effect me? and How do I figure my gains and losses?




Hello Scott,

You haven’t exercised your options yet.

Assuming that you exercise the options for $10 per share and immediately sell them for $20 per share, you will report additional compensation (W-2) income of $10 per share under salary and wages (total of $100,000). On Schedule D, you will report the sale proceeds of $200,000 less the tax basis of $200,000 for zero gain or loss. There may be some selling expenses, resulting in a small short-term capital loss.

Good luck!

Mike Gray

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