How do I find someone to purchase my stock?

December 8, 2003

Subject:   Selling Stock Options from Privately-Held Company
Date:   Wed, 29 Oct 2003
From:   Marilyn

Hi Mike,

I recently had to go on medical disability and need to sell the options from my previous employer, an SSF-based pharma. I have 6200 shares fully vested and paid for. I checked with the company’s general counsel and he said that I was free to sell the shares to a third party. I’d then have to complete some paperwork with their outside counsel to complete the transaction. My question is: “How do I go about finding someone to purchase these shares?

Thanks much!


Date:  24 Nov 2003

Hello Marilyn,

If the company is publicly traded, you should be able to sell them through a stock broker.

If the company is not publicly traded, your best bet is to either have your shares redeemed by the company or to find another shareholder who wants to own more of the corporate stock. Either choice is going to require some legwork to make the connection you need. Unless you can find someone who is just short of owning the majority of the corporate stock, you will not be in a strong bargaining position to get a good price for your stock.

Good luck!

Mike Gray

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