Do I have to pay US taxes on my stock option exercise?

September 30, 2011

Date:   2 Feb 2009
From:   Julian

Dear Mike,

I am no longer a resident alien because I now live in Singapore and gave up my green card. I want to exercise non-qualified options for services that were rendered when I was living in California for a U.S. company. I no longer have to file U.S. taxes, but would this be a taxable event?



Date:   5 Feb 2009

Hello Julian,

I’m not an expert on tax matters for non-residents of the United States. Based on what you have said, this is U.S. source income and California source income, subject to income tax by the U.S. and California. Your former employer should withhold income taxes relating to the exercise of the options and issue a W-2 for the taxable wages.

Good luck!

Mike Gray

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