How should I fill out my tax forms for NQSO stock?

October 10, 2014

Date:   Tue, 21 Aug 2007
From:   Arun


I’m a new subscriber with a question about Schedule D for the sale of NQSO stock.

Date acquired – 8/22/02; date sold 4/28/05.

Sale price $38,000; cost – $20,000; Gain – $18,000.

The $18,000 gain was reported on Form W-2. I received a 1099-B for the $38,000 sales price. How do I avoid also reporting the gain again on Schedule D?

Thanks a bunch for your advice.



Date:   12 Sep 2007

Hello Arun,

I take it the “date acquired” is the grant date for the option, and that you exercised the option and sold the stock on 4/28/05.

Looks like you’re behind in filing your income tax return. I highly recommend that you keep current to avoid late filing penalties.

Since you have reported taxable income of $18,000 as part of your W-2 wages, you get to add that amount to the grant price of $20,000 for a total tax basis (cost for determining gain or loss on sale) of $38,000. Therefore, the gain reported on Schedule D would be zero. You might actually have a small loss for transaction costs subtracted from the sales proceeds reported on Form 1099B.

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Best wishes,

Mike Gray

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