How do I report the profit from my exercise of non-qualified stock options?

February 21, 2000

Date:   Mon, Feb 7 2000
From:   Karen

The profit from my exercise of a non-qualified stock option (same day sale) in year 1999 has been reported both in my W-2 and the Form 1099-B. My company has already withheld all applicable taxes at the time of exercise and sale. My brokerage reports this transaction but doesn’t record any tax withholding. It appears that the same piece of income has been reported twice to the IRS. How do I report it properly in my 1040 so I won’t be paying the same tax twice? Thank you!!


Date:   9 Feb 2000

Hello Karen,

You should report the amount received for the sale of the stock on Schedule D as a short term transaction. The cost of the stock is the fair market value on the date of sale used by your employer to figure the ordinary income reported on your W-2.

Good luck!

Mike Gray

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