I’m moving to the next tax bracket – do I need to pay estimated taxes?

October 16, 2000

Subject:   Q on option exercise income tax
Date:   Fri, 29 Sep 2000
From:   Rajeev


I understand you are all booked for the next few weeks. I had a question on my recent stock option exercise (in August) and tax obligation thereof:

My employer has already deducted income tax (federal, state, FICA, the works) after I exercised my NQOs in August. However they did so based on a 33% tax bracket. I am sure I will be moving to the next tax bracket when I actually file for 2000, in other words, I will be owing IRS more than what has been deducted by my employer on the options exercised.

Am I required to file a return this quarter and pay up the excess or can I wait for the usual March 31st 2001 to file the yearly return ?



Date:   11 Oct 2000

Hello Rajeev,

The answer to your question depends on your individual circumstances.

If your total 2000 withholding exceeds 109% of the tax on your 1999 income tax returns, there should be no penalty for underpayment of estimated tax. You may pay the balance in April, 2000.

You might want to find out if you can get a tax benefit from prepaying your state income taxes.

Good luck!

Mike Gray

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