Will vesting non-qualified options result in W-2 income?

February 16, 2000

Date:   Fri, 3 Dec 1999
From:   Clare


My husband’s company is being acquired and all of his incentive stock options (both qualified and nonqualified) are becoming vested immediately. The closing date for the sale is December 6, 1999. Will he have W2 income reported related to the nonqualified stock options for 1999? I don’t think he has exercised any of his options though he may currently be vested in some of them. It’s confusing because all of his options are vesting as a result of the sale of the company.

Thank you.



Date:   20 Dec 1999

Hello Clare,

The vesting of your husband’s options will not result in a tax.

The tax doesn’t result until the options are exercised.

One of the consequences of this accelerated vesting may be that some of his incentive stock options could become nonqualified options.

For more details, you really should consult with a tax professional.

Good luck!

Mike Gray

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